TTOMT 3: Inner fucking peace

TTOMT is my "weekly" video series inspired by the Twitter discussion forum #ttot. Be sure to check it out on Tuesdays at 930am & 930pm! Here's my latest TTOMT video about the 10 day meditation retreat I'm going on tomorrow. I'm pretty scared. And I think it's really telling that I'm doing a video about … Continue reading TTOMT 3: Inner fucking peace


TTOMT 1: Accents

Alright internet, here we go! In an attempt to do something worthwhile with my life and try something new, I'm launching a weekly vlog (do people say vlog anymore?) called Travel Talk on My Table (TTOMT). It's inspired by this amazing twitter forum called #ttot (Travel Talk on Twitter) that brings together  hundreds (thousands?) of … Continue reading TTOMT 1: Accents