Let’s talk about lettuce

Lettuce seems to be an ideal vegetable; it's usually pretty cheap, a good filler, can be transported easily, and has good vitamins. It comes in a variety of...styles?(Ihaventhadmycoffeeyet) that suit many people's tastes, and you can pick it up at any grocery store you go to. Lettuce is a staple of the shopping cart. We … Continue reading Let’s talk about lettuce



I've failed at many things in my life. I'm terrible at math, my diets often end before the day is over, my budgets end even quicker, and I only got 7/20 on my juggling test in high school. I try not to let failure get to me too much; everything is a learning experience, and … Continue reading Failure


There are a lot of things I want right now. I WANT a job I WANT money I WANT David Duchovny to kiss me tenderly while holding me from behind I WANT to eat, like, sixty nanimo bars I WANT to lose, like, sixty nanimo pounds (those are the pounds in your body that are … Continue reading I WANT

The Wannabe

So, I follow a lot of travel bloggers on Twitter. At first it was strictly for ‘dreaming of travel’ purposes. Then, it became more ‘planning my trip’ purposes. Then it kinda spiraled into this whole….thing. Like 40% of my Twitter feed is travel-related, which can get pretty overwhelming at times. I read a post on … Continue reading The Wannabe