Fierce February

February is back, and I’m feeling like junk. The world is full of hatred and anger and fear, work is so busy that I’ve been on the verge of an anxiety attack for about three weeks, and up until Monday we had only 12 hours of sunshine in Toronto for the entire month of January. 12. For the whole month. All of it during work hours.

It’s been a rough few weeks.

But! It’s February! Days are getting longer, chocolate is overflowing on store shelves, and I am welcoming the return of Fierce February.

Join me?

Fierce February, inspired by my friend Ann, can pretty much be summed up by “Just be fucking fierce for the entire month of February”. It’s a month of self-love, of trying new things, a month of giving to friends and treating yourself, and a month of self-reflection. Some examples of Acts of Fierceness could be:

  • Write down at least one thing you love about yourself every day. It could be small or huge. It could be “I am a loyal friend” or “I type real fast” or “I have great skin” or anything in between. Write one thing or a hundred things or set a timer and write great things about yourself for five minutes.
  • Try a new class and get out of your comfort zone. Take a scary step and be proud of doing something new and unfamiliar.
  • Buy yourself a new lipstick that is fucking hot.
  • Get a piece of clothing that you feel fucking great in.
  • Post selfies shamelessly.
  • Promote your friend’s business. Be a champion for someone.
  • Talk to your boss about your career goals or propose a big project you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Take three minutes each day to stretch and breathe.
  • Ask out that guy/girl/whatever you have a crush on. Smile at someone cute at the bar.
  • Be okay with wherever you are. If you don’t love every part of yourself, learn to accept the fact that you’re working on getting there. Just be okay with yourself.
  • Say no to social plans. Don’t make excuses. Enjoy your alone time.
  • Stand up for a cause you believe in.
  • Buy yourself flowers.
  • Just be fucking fierce.

Fierceness means different things to different people, but in general, Fierce February is doing at least one fierce thing each day for the entire (short!) month of February. It’s a way of framing your month around doing something good for yourself and always having “Be Fucking Fierce” in your mind. It can be huge or it can be small, but at the end of these 28 days, the goal is to feel a bit more positive about yourself/your life/whatever.

Make it a challenges for yourself to take part in Fierce February, and please share the message with others. Have a Fierce party! Post a photo with the #FierceFebruary hashtag! Push your friends to love themselves more! Tell your friends fierce things you love about them! The world is so depressing right now that any amount of love and kindness we put out there can have an effect. Start with being kind and loving to yourself.

My first Act of Fierceness: writing this post. Getting off my ass to actually push this project I believe in out into the world. Sharing it on social media fiercely and encouraging others to take part in it.

Second Act of Fierceness: putting cream in my coffee today instead of milk because HELLO I deserve a bit of cream right now.




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