Maybe I’ll Become a Thai Chef?

I recently did a trip through Southeast Asia and one of the reasons I decided to head there was, obviously, the FOOD! I tried as many different things as I could (though, really, I could have eaten Pad Thai every goddamn day) and make it one of the focuses of my trip. The food in SEA was simply divine.

One highlight:

We had a free day when we arrived in Bangkok so we decided to take a half-day cooking class with Silom Thai Cooking School. It was *awesome*. The instructor was a shining star – funny, engaging, patient, knowledgeable…just fantastic! We started with a trip to the market to get ingredients and learn more about common foods/spices, then headed back to a room beautifully set-up for us to get chopping.

Each item was explained, we did our own chopping and mashing, then headed out to cook! You cook your courses as they come (aka – chop, cook, eat, repeat) and the staff set up the rooms between your cooking times. Honestly, the flow was flawless; these guys do this every day and it showed in just how easy everything was for the students. A total relief for a jetlagged person on their first day in a new country.

On our menu was Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, some chicken salad thing, Green Curry, and coconut sticky rice with mango. My colleagues who had booked this tour for us told us to come hungry and, honestly, I should have come hungrier. SO MUCH FOOD! It was fully worth the price (and since we booked it through my work, G Adventures, we got a discount!).

The class was around 3 hours long, and was a fairly close walk to a subway stop (train? What do they call it there?) so it made for an easy trek home with full bellies. I would recommend this cooking class to anyone who has some time to kill in Bangkok, and I will do it again in a heartbeat when I head back there.

I definitely did more in Thailand, of course, but I woke up today dreaming of warmth and a killer pad thai and just can’t get it off my mind. Maybe I’ll find the cookbook I got when I took this class and give it a go?

Who wants to brave the cold to bring me groceries in exchange for a meal?! C’moooonnn….


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