Packing Hacks

Getting ready to go on a big trip? Follow these packing hacks to make your trip the journey of a lifetime!

1- Be sure to get sick a couple days before your trip. Don’t get too sick – you want to make sure you’re right in the worst part for your plane ride so you can infect everyone around you for the 19 hour flight. Prepare a soup will all the veggies and garlic that is going to go bad, then forget to throw the broth out, ensuring you come home to a real nice gunky goop in your fridge.


2- Figure out what the fuck those strings on your pack are for. They don’t connect to each other, they don’t tie, they aren’t very long…really, what the hell are they for? Search Google and MEC for an answer and just decide you’ll never know so fuck it yolo.


3- Roll your clothes. Roll your shirts. Roll your socks. Roll your pants. ROLL EVERYTHING ROLL ROLL ROLL*
*unless you’re bigger than a size 12 because then it really doesn’t matter if you roll your pants, they’re still gonna take up more space than you ever imagined. Fold those babies, baby.

4- Cuddle your cat because you need to reassure her you’re coming home. Force the love upon her.


5- Don’t forget your Star Trek action figure. For the love of god, don’t forget him.


Have a safe journey!


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