My never-ending trip

Who says travel has to end when you get home?!

This weekend turned into a mini adventure, and reminded me that there’s a bunch more to explore out there…and it doesn’t always require a plane to see it!

While I was running around Oceania last year, my friends Rian and Gian bought their very first house in Kitchener, a city about two hours away from Toronto, so I headed over there on Friday night to check it out. We ended up at the Kitchener Market on Saturday morning, and I learnt that Kitchener is, like, pretty big into Mennonites! There was tons of great (cheap!!!) local produce, handmade candles and breads, and some kick-ass summer sausage. My roommate bought some sausage and, let me tell you, that shit is strong. My apartment smells vaguely of smokey meat, even though we’ve double-bagged it. Win?

I love markets so much...

I love markets so much…

We went to a game store and marveled at just how many board games there are out there in the world, hit up some dim sum, I got a late Christmas present:



It was a great trip to Kitchener, and I can’t wait to head back in the warmer months. I was promised a trip to nearby town of St. Jacob’s where there is a restaurant with a PIE BUFFET, so obviously I’ll remain friends with Rian and Gian a little longer.

After that, my friend Troy got stuck in Toronto en route to St. John’s, so I took him for a day on the town! We had dim sum (I know) at my favourite place overlooking the city, eventually made our way to the Bata Shoe Museum, and ended with coffee and cheesecake at the iconic Future’s Bakery. I got to play tour guide in my favourite city, and I LOVED it!

shoes shoes shoes

shoes shoes shoes

I was spoiled beyond belief this weekend, and had a great time reconnecting with friends, my city, and a new place. We really do forget that there is a lot to explore in this country. Overseas travel is fantastic, obviously, but grabbing a train to a town a few hours away can be just as eye-opening and almost as delicious.



Warning: having dim sum two days in a row will result in 9am cravings for dumplings and pork buns. Mmmm.


One thought on “My never-ending trip

  1. JWu says:

    Love this Jenny! I def need to hit up the Bata Shoe Museum. And Kitchener! Hadn’t thought of it as a travel destination. Although come to think of it, I have vague memories of visiting when friends were studying there… or maybe it was Waterloo… all I recall is… indoor bar beach volleyball?…. and… nope that’s enough remembering, let’s just put that back away. Mennonite craftsmanship is much more appealing.

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