Home and Huntin’

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here, guys. I left Australia and 30 hours of travel time later, I was in cold cold Ottawa, greeted by a teary mother who held me and sighed “You’re safe. You’re finally safe.” I don’t think I’m ever allowed to travel again.

My first few days in Ottawa were spent hanging out with mom and horrible terrible jet lag. I was pretty bad for about four days, but by day five or six I was feeling 90% normal again…or, at least, normal enough to go out for drinks with old friends without bursting into tears or falling asleep.


Beavertails are the best for jet lag.

After a week of watching more reality wedding shows than any one human should in an entire month, I came back to my home in Toronto and have spent the last week cleaning, seeing friends, job hunting, and crying about job hunting. It’s great to be home (please find me a job oh please oh please?)


Even the subway smelt the same.

So! How do I feel now that I’m home? I’m…happy. I for sure could have kept traveling for two more years had I had the money, and I miss my friends and partner (and weather) back in Oz and NZ very dearly…but I am really happy to be back in my apartment with my friends and family and cat close by.

It’s been interesting too; I thought I would be super cold when I got here, but while I was throwing on my winter boots and scarf and layers upon layers, it was as if my body was like “Oh? Is this what we’re doing now? Winter? Ok cool NBD.” I’ve been chilly, sure, but it hasn’t been as big a shock to my system as I thought it would be. You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can never take the Canada out of the girl, I guess….

Other interesting things I’ve noticed:
1- We really DO have an accent, guys. Especially you dudes in the Ottawa Valley. We do not say “aboot”…but I can see how people would think we say it.
2- Canadians really *are* polite. What a lovely stereotype to have, and I was tickled to come home and see it myself! Good job, everyone.
3- Tim Horton’s really is the nectar of the gods.

So this week is full of…nothing but job hunting. Hopefully I find one soon because I’m getting pretty bored and watching way too many ghost shows online.* I love being home to see friends and scrub the floors all day, but mama’s bank account has been crying for a while now.

I’m not entirely sure what the future of this blog will be, but I’ll definitely keep updating it. I’m hoping to write a few more posts about my travels in Oz and NZ, and have a lot of plans to tell you all about my most favourite city in the world (which I currently happen to be living in). I also write a bunch of things all the time that I’ve held off on posting, so it’ll probably morph into some weird travel-life-opinion-whatever piece of the internet. Maybe I’ll even get my shit together and organize it properly!

Also, I’ve got like SO many cat pictures that I can post STAY TUNED!


Canadian cats have adapted to winter quite well.

*The other day I was watching a ghost show and something fell off my bookshelf and I FREAKED OUT. I need to stop. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.


One thought on “Home and Huntin’

  1. Brandon says:

    We actually have a fair variety of accents. We speak differently in urban west/central Canada vs rural west/central Canada vs specifically the Ottawa Valley vs the east coast vs specifically Newfoundland vs folks raised bilingually. Some eastern and valley folk legit say “aboot” or “aboat.” It’s a fun area to study.

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