Remember that time when…

So, as mentioned yesterday, I leave for Canada in, like, 45 hours. I will be home this week. This. Week. It all seems very surreal and like it’s not happening. As the hour gets closer I get a bit more okay with it all (and okay with my mom spoiling me for a week straight) but the fact that I’m going home and not traveling anymore is really weird and doesn’t feel real. Hell, the whole year doesn’t feel real half the time!

Needless to say, there have been a few tears lately. My boyfriend and I will be having a perfectly pleasant trip to the grocery store and I’ll just break down, tears streaming down my face in the cookie aisle. It’s been sad and hard to process (though he generally buys me cookies so BONUS).

SO! Continuing with the idea of focusing on the positive instead of the sad, below is a list of some of the cool things I’ve done and accomplished in the past 11 months on the road. Let’s all remember, shall we? (hey, this seems super braggy but I don’t mean it to be braggy!)

– Sunset drinks on a rooftop bar in Venice Beach
– Saw penguins in St. Kilda on more than one occasion
– Saw one of my favourite bands in Melbourne
Went camping twice
– Hung out in Tasmania for a week
– Stayed in an apartment with one of the best views of Sydney you could find
– Did stand-up in Auckland
– A few AFL games and one unforgettable cricket game
– Climbed a bunch of mountains
– Celebrated ANZAC day with a drag queen
– Markets markets markets
– Tours tours tours
Rode a horse for the first time
– Admitted and recognized my depression and took the help that was offered to me
– Lived in a tiny tiny town for three months
– Had Canada Day in the snow
– Made my very first Pavlova
– Took a 10 day meditation course
– Went camping with a bunch of strangers on a remote island
– That time when the naked German personal trainer fed me chocolate covered peanuts in a private natural hot pool
– Spent many days in breathtaking places
– Went curling for the first time
– Explored abandoned WW2 bunkers
– Figured out who this “Jenny” chick was
– Celebrated Guy Fawkes by setting the house on fire
– Boogie-boarded down sand dunes
– Fucking climbed UP those sand dunes. Four times.
– My first hot Christmas and NYE, which were weird and lovely
Beach beach beach
– Dug a hole and hung out at Hot Water Beach (wow, I didn’t write about that either? Ah!)
– Saw dolphins in the wild
– Climbed over rocks and raced the tide to explore some caves
– Spent the night at a vineyard and ended up at a random street party
– Road-tripped to Sydney and saw a bunch of giant things along the way (this post is scheduled to post this week, eager readers!)
– Ate ate ate
– Drank drank drank
– Loved loved loved
– Laughed laughed laughed

….look, I did a lot lot lot more. I wrote a list down in my journal and this is hardly half of it! The best part in all of this is that I’ve made some amazing friends, and gotten to know old friends even better. I hope I have many house guests stopping by Toronto in the years to come. HINT HINT.

Holy shit. I’ve had an awesome year. Wow. Good job, Jenny! Way to go!




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