Moving right along

I leave Australia, and my entire #Adventure2012(/13) trip, behind in mere days. I’m not super happy about it, but as my departure edges nearer, I find that I’m becoming a bit more okay with it every hour.

Instead of being sad everything is ending, I decided I need to be happy and focus on the positive things. Or whatever. Between tears and eating spoonfuls of peanut butter and trying to convince my boyfriend we should eat pizza every meal before I go, I tell myself to focus on the positive.

To begin, I’m going to focus on things I’m looking forward to going home to:

– All my favourite restaurants. Sushi. Ethiopian. Korean. Cheap Thai. Even Tim Horton’s. Yes.

– Getting on stage again. Along with doing improv as much as I can, I think I want to focus a lot on storytelling and developing that side of me a bit. I’m lucky to know a fantastic Toronto-area storyteller who gives workshops, so once I get some cash I’m going to sign up!

– My cat. I know. You’re tired of hearing it. I’m tired of not being with her.

– Getting a bit of structure back into my days. I’ve been working for the majority of time I’ve been away, but the last 5 weeks have been unemployed and lazy. Awesome, but I do better in life when I have structure. And a fucking paycheck.

– Biking. Dear god I can’t wait to get on my bike. I need to get training for my Ride to Conquer Cancer too! 220km is gonna come up super quick.

– A new wardrobe. Holy crap I’m seriously done with wearing the same clothes for the last 11 months. My old clothes are going to feel like an entirely new wardrobe!

– The custard tarts from the Portugese bakery across the street from my apartment. Realtalk.

– My apartment. I’ve be SO fortunate to live in awesome houses with people for the majority of my travels (which means I haven’t spent the last 11 months in dorm rooms! yay!) but there’s something beautiful about being in your own apartment with your books and knick nacks and paintings and blankets.

– Really starting my career in event management and wedding coordination. It’s something I’ve toyed with for a while and I’m pumped that I’m making it a reality this year.

– Friends, family, etc, whatever

– Connecting with people I quite like, but have never really connected/hung out/etc with. There are people out there I just want to take for a coffee and get to know better.

– I’ve got a few close friends getting married this year. I love love, and I love theirs the most. I can’t wait to cry all over them.

– My mom spoiling me rotten for the week that I’m home with her.

– Planning my next trip. Because obviously this isn’t the end of my travel adventures.

Alright, so those are just a taste of the things I’m looking forward to when I get home. Still feeling sad, but knowing I have all those cool things waiting for me, as well as a bunch of friends and family who are super pumped to see me, is making the pill easier to swallow. Next up: remembering all the cool things I’ve done in the past 11 months!

Ugh. I can’t wait to see my cat.


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