Step Into Christmas


I’m having a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit down here.

To me, Christmas is cold. Autumn comes and the air gets crisp and my body starts craving potatoes and apples and soup, and that’s how I know it’s time to start searching through the Sears Wishbook. Christmas is snow on the ground, lights on the houses, carols in every store, food drives, and a general feeling of happiness. Christmas is “Christmas”, y’know?

One of my most favourite Christmases ever.

Down here, though, it’s really not feeling like Christmas. It’s not because I miss my family or friends (I do) or because I miss traditions of home (drinking and shrimp rings?) or because I’m tight with Jesus (he’s cool, but not my type)…it’s because at 7:53am on November 20th,  I am staring outside to a sunny blue day and there are shadows from palm trees dancing on my wall. I will wear a skirt today and bike without fear of ice and might have a cold margarita when I get home. I will wear sunscreen and hang my laundry on the line to dry. I will eat fresh strawberries and make salads with massive silverbeet and snow peas straight from the garden.

It’s going to be a weird Christmas.

Instead of walks to see snow-covered houses decorated in Christmas lights, I’ll be walking along a beach, dipping my toes in the ocean. Instead of ice skating and warming up with greasy Chinese food at 12am on the 25th, I’ll be drinking a cold cider until the sun sets some time around 10pm. Instead of spending the days between Christmas and New Years tobogganing and drinking coffee with baileys in it, I’ll be camping in the bush and on my n’th attempt to learn how to wakeboard.

It’s going to be a weird Christmas.

I’ve got to wonder if people from hot climates who spend a Christmas in snowy ones feel as weird as I do. Or do they just feel ‘right’? Like, everything you see and hear about Christmas is SNOW SNOW SNOW….so would they just feel like they’re finally getting a super awesome true Christmas experience? I mean, they sing “Winter Wonderland” down here…but it’s more like “Palm Trees and 8 Minute Burn Time” Wonderland.

….that feels kind of racist? to be saying that a cold Christmas is the right Christmas. But you know what I mean! Obviously no Christmas is the right Christmas but…whatever. I’m such a geography-ist.

I’m excited for my first truly green Christmas. I can’t wait to see people I love and have a total blast and some new experiences and maybe make a new tradition or two.  …I’m just wondering when it’s going to hit me that Santa is getting the sleigh ready.

PS- I must apologize for the lack of posting over the last couple weeks. Some cool things are happening in my life and I haven’t felt much like writing (well, I have, but for once I’m trying to keep my personal feelings off the internet.   ….like, wait a week and for sure I’ll have written six posts about it NO FILTER HERE, RIGHT FOLKS?) Anyways, I’ve been being selfish and greedy and felt quite justified in it…but I promise I’m back now!


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