Fatty Fatty Fat Fat

Someone on Facebook posted a comment today that said “Nothing more discouraging than an out-of-shape fitness instructor.” It garnered 35 likes and about 10 comments, most of which were akin to “lol i kno!!! cmon fatty!”

It wasn’t so much the original status that pissed me off, because I figured that was just to get a rise out of people…but all the comments and likes that really did it for me. All the resounding agreements and “LOL’s” that people really felt. Feel. People really feel that way. (And one or two ‘lol’s were directed at me, which feels super great)

Look, it’s no secret that I’m not a tiny lady. My diet could be more balanced and I could learn to stop at one margarita (hahahahaha yeah right)…but when you look past the belly, I’m actually a fairly active person. I exercise every day, even if it’s just a 40 minute bike ride to/from work. When I’m huffing my asthmatic fat ass up a hill, sometimes I think “fuck, people must be like ‘whoa fatty get off that bike’…but other times I think “I hope I’m inspiring someone else to be active, and showing the world that larger people can be just as active as anyone else.” Most of the time I’m just thinking “GET OUT OF MY WAY CARS MAMA NEEDS TO GET TO WORK I AM FASTER THAN AN AIRPLANE” and I don’t give two shits about what anyone thinks.

Never discount someone’s drive or ability because of their size.

The minute you judge someone based on their size — and I must stress that this goes for all sizes, thick and thin — you’re telling them that their number matters. Their looks matter. Worse, you’re telling yourself that it’s okay to judge people.

And it’s not.

I’m not saying I’m entirely non-judgmental. It happens. I’m human.

It’s not okay to judge someone based on their looks. And it’s not okay to judge people based on their sex. Or sexuality. Or taste in music. Or job. Or the fact that maybe they like watching four episodes of The X-Files back to back. It’s not okay, but we all do it. Some more than others, some less than others.

The thing is, that initial judgement we all have can (and should) fade away once we get to know people (unless you judged ‘creepy’ and confirmed ‘creepy’). The beautiful person you assumed was a stuck-up bitch could actually be one of the most loving people you’ll ever meet in your life. And the unfit fitness instructor might be judged upon walking into the classroom, but once she starts making you sweat and gives you a great workout, you should probably just be okay with the fact that your fitness instructor is a chunk and got your heart pumping.

Should gyms hire people that are healthy to lead their classes? Of course. If someone can do the work and is healthy, they deserve the job. Though I think that if someone feels discouraged in a “well, if she does this class all the time and looks like that obviously I’m never going to lose weight” way, then it’s more of a ‘reflect on yourself and your own brain ideas’ thing, y’know? The unhealthy instructor is there to give you the product. It’s up to you what you do with that product.

I know this isn’t making terrible sense (I haven’t had a coffee yet and I’m in this kind’ve angrily-unawake stage), and I know this could be far more well articulated. Maybe these are my insecurities coming through full force (obvs they fully are) but I really just want to get the point across that just because someone is bigger than you, doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy  And in the same vein, just because someone is smaller than you, doesn’t mean they’re healthy either. It’s all…like, can we not just all love each other? Creepy people excluded, of course.

Also, don’t make fun of people in Facebook threads. It’s really mean and makes you seem about twelve years old.

Now excuse me while I go eat my feelings.


2 thoughts on “Fatty Fatty Fat Fat

  1. Jenny,

    I’m sorry this happened. I can totally empathize with you on this one as I am not a little lady either. I can’t count the amount of people who are negatively surprised that I work out every day (You? Really? Like a REAL workout?). Facebook allows people to hide behind a monitor and be shitty. Comments about too many people having babies (I’m sure its a conspiracy just to offend you), or getting married (another conspiracy) or, goodness forbid, changing jobs. We have somehow become complacant about comments that if made in real life would merit a glass of water in the face.

    You are totally awesome. Always have been always will be. If I saw you riding a bike while I drove I’d feel lime you were the better person.
    XoX S

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