Aquarium? More Like Awesomearium!

So, look, anyone who’s read this blog knows a few things about me:

1- I swear far too much
2- I travel with a Captain Picard action figure
3- I’m a sucker for nerdy things

(….2 and 3 are different, fyi)

Through a series of lucky events, I made a friend who invited me to hit up the aquarium with him (actually, he invited me to the zoo but it was raining so we aquariumed). I had never been to an aquarium before so I was pumped; fish and sharks and penguins and LEARNING? Sign a sister up.

After riding a sharkbus shuttle to get to the aquarium (that’s a bus that looks like a shark, btw) we were in, and I was ready to geek out. First up were penguins which were hilarious since they just reminded me of my cat (LOL CAT WOMAN oh god oh god stop talking about your cat to new friends, Jenny). There were a few absolutely mental-looking ones with crazy eyes and insane feathers…but for the most part, pretty cute.

Just for reference.

In the next room was a crowd of children around a tank full of starfish. Thinking I could just slip in, we wandered over…and ended up waiting for like five minutes just so I could hold a starfish and learn something.


Peter is a patient man.

After all that learning (FUNFACT: starfish eat by throwing their bellies out  and pulling their food into them, then letting enzymes dissolve the good stuff and discard the bad stuff. That’s how 11-armed starfish do it anyways.) we wandered past some fish and some bitchy stingrays that were swimming all up on each other, and into


It was cool. Not as cool as the massive romantic ones you see in movies with big…sharks and stuff. But there were small sharks with crazy teeth, and some cool fish and gross eels, and it was supercool to watch things swim right above us. Stingrays look like they’re smiling on their bellies!

dum de doo dah

Close relative to sharkbus

We even got to see people feeding the fish! Decked out in SCUBA gear and holding tiny frozen fishsicles, these dudes obviously had an awesome and mega-intense job; they must’ve had two hundred fish crowding around them trying to eat! And turtles too! It was cool to watch.


We made it past the shark tunnel and into the tropical fish area where I got a little pang of “maybe babies aren’t so bad TICK TOCK” when this little boy was talking about Nemo and Dori and stuff. Adorbs. We made it to Seahorse Kingdom too, which was…I mean, seahorses are pretty small and don’t do much, but it was still neat.

Magical. (not really)

In the end we did the aquarium three times because we didn’t know the exit was through the gift shop and ended up walking back to the start…so if you head to Kelly Tarlton’s in Auckland, just keep that in mind.

Favourite animal I saw: these cool neon pink and yellow fish
Favourite animal I saw even though it was gross: the eels. CREEPY!
Saddest animal I saw: this giant crab just hanging out in a box of water by himself. Sad.
Peter’s favoutie animal: the puffer fish. Same as any little boy.
Coolest thing: obvs holding a starfish

The aquarium, while a bit expensive, was a ton of fun. As I haven’t been to any other aquariums I can’t say if it’s super amazing or super shit…but I had a blast! Word to the wise: buy your tickets online to save a few bucks, and make sure you don’t miss the sharkbus back into the city or you’ll end up walking for an hour back to Britomart. It’s a nice walk, sure, but…sharkbus.

Anyways. If you’re in Auckland with nothing to do (which wouldn’t surprise me buuurrrrnnnnn) and you like marine animals, give Kelly Tarlton’s a go. Next time: I’ll feed a shark in the shark cage. AWESOME, RIGHT?


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