MAKE. A. DECISION. Or not. Whatever I’m so easygoing LOL!!1

This trip has made me pretty easy-going. Well, compared to what I used to be like anyways.

You know how when you ask someone if they’re spontaneous you usually get an answer of “yes”, “no” or “sometimes”? With me, the answer is “I’m spontaneous as long as I know what time we’re doing things and what clothes I should wear.” I know it’s contradictory, but it’s just how I roll. Like, I’ll do anything…I just want to know that there’s at least a bit of thought behind what’s going down.


I guess it all just kinda comes back to my impatience. I don’t like indecisiveness (even though I KNOW I am the most indecisive traveler ever) and I don’t like details slipping through cracks, people getting left out, or wasting time when we’re on a schedule. I’ve always been the person who stepped up to lead a group project if nothing was getting done; it’s just easier to take the reins and DO something, than wait for a group of people to make up their minds. I’m all about democracy, but when it leads to people sitting around doing nothing, I get my Bossy Aries Event Planning Organizational Jenny hat on.

But! But. Despite going half mental trying to organize a group of 15 CouchSurfers for a long weekend away on a remote island this weekend, (sidenote: I honestly thought about asking for emergency contact numbers because JUST IN CASE! What’s next Jenny? A permission slip for their parents to sign?) despite that…I *am* much more easygoing than I used to be. I’m going with flows and enjoying opportunities as they come. I even booked my ticket back to Melbourne for the holidays and started freaking out a little bit because I had actually committed to something and was locked in to a plan. Do I want to be in Melbourne for xmas? Yes. BUT WHAT IF??

Anyways. I’m pumped to be getting away this weekend with a bunch of strangers. I’ve been feeling like a total non-traveler lately since I’m pretty much only working and watching shows about tigers. It’ll be nice to do some exploring!

Now, let’s pray it doesn’t rain the entire weekend…


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