My New For-Now Home

It’s been a few weeks since I started calling Auckland home and so far, things are good!

I dry my sheets between palm trees in the sun!

I ended up landing my dream Auckland job working at a fantastic events company just a 15 minute bike ride from home. Not only will it give me great experience with events and event management (the career I’m getting into when I get home), but the small team is awesome and super welcoming. I’m happy! I mean, I wouldn’t mind a bit more money and I’m still looking for extra work…but hey, who couldn’t use more money?

My new job has pirate stamps!

I also started poking my nose around comedy clubs and even did a few sets. Even better than being on stage is being SOCIAL. Gah. I didn’t realize how much I missed, like, going out. Three months down south in a small town with nothing to do, and then a few weeks up here with no money…I forgot how nice it was to feel that nervous “meeting new people” energy, and how awesome it is to have a drink and share a laugh. I’m forcing friendship on people like nobody’s business.

Love the lamps at comedy Wednesdays at Snatch Bar

Fush Shup

Even though I’m not *quite* charmed by Auckland yet (I expected a city with heart and grit and character and…Auckland really isn’t it), I am finding some awesome things to keep me busy; I checked out the Art Gallery and met up with fellow traveler Rachel from What the Auck in gorgeous Mission Bay (girl stole my heart with nachos and wine). I also explored Ponsonby with a friend I met while at the Vipassana retreat, and did all that beachy stuff a few weekends ago. I guess I haven’t been *quite* as boring as I thought I’ve been, though work and routine and exercise tend to turn me into “chick living in NZ” and not “wild traveling soul exploring the world and kissing hot dudes”. Ah well. There’s still time! BOYS?

Art Gallery

If the rest of my life could be spent sipping flat whites on a beach, I’d be happy.

Faithful bus stop. Hour long bus rides will be my summer.

Anyways, I’d love to stay and chat but there’s a ghost special on the Kiwi version of 20/20 right now so…I think we all know where my heart lies right now.

(Screw wedding planning, I still totally want to be a ghost hunter when I grow up)



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