It’s My Six Month Travelversary!

Today is my six month travelversary! Happy travelversary to me!

So long ago!

Six months ago I left a cold Canadian winter to head for the sunny shores of Australia…and then right back into the cold New Zealand winter. Six months on, I can’t quite believe where I am (and I’m seriously ready for summer).

I don’t have any significant insights or reflections (though I’m sure I’ll come up with one soon and tell you allllll about it), but a few observations come to mind:

1. I was looking through old photos today and saw all my old clothes which are packed in storage at home and I got a pang of ‘ohimissmyclothes’. I’m not a fashionista and would never consider myself on trend (currently wearing: op-shop PJs, sweater and lumberjack socks), but wearing the same clothes for six months has, apparently, taken a toll on me. I didn’t realize how bored I was of my wardrobe until I saw my pretty dresses that are in boxes at my mom’s house. Sigh. Luckily there’s an op-shop across the road that is currently having a 1/2 off sale, so maybe I’ll go treat myself to something new and stained.

2. It’s easy to forget I’m traveling; having a routine in a house with adults and a job and not going on adventures all the time…I mean, it pretty much just feels like normal life.  …until I hear a funny word or see a beautiful beach. Then I’m all “Oh! Hey! I live in NZ right now!” It’s kind of like when I first started living in Toronto and I’d look up and see the CN Tower; you grow up seeing it on TV, then all of a sudden you live there and it’s like “Wow! I’m a big city girl! I can buy my fruit at markets!”*

(*Yes, that was my goal when I was a preteen. To buy my fruit at markets.)

3. I have had some *amazing* adventures. From climbing to the Hollywood sign, to a drunk night with a cricket team in Tasmania, to climbing mountains in NZ, to eating breakfast on a rooftop overlooking the Sydney Opera House…and SO much more! When I think back to all I’ve done in the past six months, I honestly can’t believe this is my life. Little ol’ me doin’ all that cool stuff! Huh!

I could go on, of course (we all know I have a knack for making short stories long and long stories even longer) (…and adding unnecessary comments in brackets or footnotes all the frigging time) but I’ll wrap it up here:

To everyone who has given me love and support on this trip, thank you!
To everyone who has given me a place to sleep or a meal to eat, thank you!
To everyone who has read my blog and followed my adventures, thank you!
To everyone everywhere: thank you!

Here’s to six more months of adventures, and a lifetime of trips to come!


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