A quick trip to Piha

The friend I’m staying with, Dom, needed to get some driftwood for a project he was working on and invited me to join him for a quick trip to Piha beach.


Located in about 40km from Auckland, Piha is one of NZ’s great West Coast beaches, surrounded by crashing Tasman waves and black sand that I’m still finding days later. It was breathtaking!


We walked along the beach and hiked up Lion Rock,

A pou to a Te Kawerau a Maki ancestor, Ngati Tangiaro Taua

saw omgcute animals,


saw omgcute wedding photos,


and hiked up another trail to a little cove-y place where I tried to balance on rocks and half-broken shoes.

That meditation course really brought balance to my life, obvs.

It took all I had not to jump in and go swimming.

It was a lovely quick visit and I can’t wait to go back in the summer so I can do beachy things like swim in the ocean and watch rescues take place.

“Take a picture of me pretending to be a wave! It’ll be hilarious!”

And act like a fool, of course.


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