International Coastal Cleanup Day!

I’m a big city girl who loves the outdoors; throw me in the middle of a city with a map and I’m happy. Throw me in the middle of the woods with a pack of matches and I’m happy. No matter where I am, I’ve got a big hard-on for nature, so it’s important to keep it clean.

International Coastal Cleanup Day is…well, a day to clean up international coastlines. Since I’m in New Zealand, a country with breathtaking coastlines, I jumped at the chance to volunteer a few hours and pick up trash.

Lots of families got in on the action too!

Organized by Sustainable Coastlines NZ, we arrived at 11am on a rainy, windy Saturday, grabbed our bags and gloves, and set off on a trashy walk along beautiful Muriwai beach in search of garbage and cute scientists.

Horses, black sand and blue waves. Ah, New Zealand.

How do shells get their colours? Let’s google together, guys.

Ocean Fresh

We got a good bit of garbage (by the end of it we probably had a few kilos in our bag) and it was a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday; beach, (eventual) sunshine, cleaning up the planet, and a cute nice boy who I’m just going to assume was a scientist who devoted his life to saving sea birds. It was great!

Captain Planet is my homeboy.

Oh. Then we went to a Gannet colony.

Nestin’ and squakin’

Lots of yellow heads.

Anyways, then I saw this sign on the way home:

RIGHT?! Ah NZ. You’re too much.

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2012 is/was Saturday, Sept 15th, so if you read this early enough in North America, you might be able to run to your nearest shoreline and do some good! And hey, if that can’t happen, maybe just pick up a piece of trash you see lying around your neighbourhood. Believe me, people won’t think you’re a dummy, they’ll just be all “Oh hey that person is cool and very confident!”. So yeah. Just one piece makes a difference. Too preachy? Ah. Well.


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