Rain rain go away

I’ve been wracking my brain today trying to think of something superawesome to write, but I really haven’t come up with anything to blow your minds. It’s been raining all day (which never happens here) and it’s my day off so, needless to say, it’s been a lazy one full of Pinterest recipes and thinking “man I should do laundry”.

Truth be told, I really don’t have anything travel-related to write about this town. I mean, I guess I could go interview the local barber or something…but that’s not really my style. I could hardly go door to door and ask for donations when selling Girl Guide cookies, much less waltz up to someone and say “hey, can I write something about you for my blog? Promise I won’t put too many swears in!”  I guess I’m a bad travel blogger. Good thing this will never be a career, right? HAHAHHAsobsobsob

So here’s what’s goin’ on in my life these days:

– I’m moving to Auckland in two weeks! I’m happy I’ve spent almost three months here getting to know small-town NZ and small-town NZ-ers, but I need a change. I need to be somewhere new and exciting and somewhere that stays open past 8pm. I’m exciting for the newness, but dreading the job hunt. Especially since I’m trying to get a real job (or whatever). Time to lock up the Twitter, eh?*

(*since I’m the only Jenny Serwylo in the world, when prospective employers google me, I’m the only one they’ll find. Hi future employers! Please hire me! I’m very professional on the job and have great references!)

– I went to a psychic on Friday. Yes, really. I’ve always been open to those kinds of things, but I go in with a skeptical mind (translation: DON’T THINK LESS OF ME PLEASE). Not only that, but I’ve been interested in psychics and the paranormal since I was 3 years old, so I’m pretty well-read on all this junk, and like to think I know frauds when I see them. ANYways…it was cool. Really cool. If you want to know more, let me know and I’ll tell you all about it.

– I signed up for a 10-day meditation retreat just outside of Auckland and it’s freaking me out. 10 days of no talking, no Tweeting, no texting, NO COFFEE….10 days of 12 hours of meditation a day….10 days of minimal food and maximal sitting…oh man. Guys. It’s going to be really hard. I’m pretty sure I’ll fall asleep more than a few times and wake up to the instructor tapping me on the shoulder saying “your snoring is disturbing our zen”. Life experiences, right? I have this feeling of “I should start practicing so I’m not the worst in the class”, which is crazy. Or is it?

– I’ve started eating a gluten-free diet. I mean, save for all the beer I drank on Friday, and the fact that I keep forgetting to read labels so it keeps sneaking into my cooking. I’ve been thinking about going GF for a couple years now since I started having a few symptoms of intolerance, buuuuutttt I’m pretty lazy and I fucking love eating everything. I was hoping I’d cut out gluten and wouldn’t notice a difference…but unfortunately I saw immediate results. So. I guess I’m gluten-free now. Fucking sucks, yo.

– The upside to being GF is that I’ve been reading a lot of recipes and baking like a crazy person. I made these amazing chickpea cookies today and I ate so many I felt sick. Healthy!

Yes, I Instagrammed pictures of my food. Deal with it.

So! That’s what’s on my brain lately. Psychics, meditation retreats, gluten-free…what a fucking wannabe hippie. I’m filming my next TTOMT video tonight, so prepare yourselves for that shot of awesome coming your way.

Until then, if you have any fantastic tips about Auckland, send them my way!


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