Last week in photos

After the ultimate crazy of my last post, I figured I should post something light today. Here are a few photos from the last couple weeks that don’t warrant posts of their own, but are too cool not to share with strangers on the internet.

My first Canada Day outside of Canada was covered in frost and was freezing cold. Luckily we went to Queenstown and, though it was chilly, we drank enough to keep us toasty warm. We also got t-shirts!

If you bought six drinks, you got a free shirt. There were seven of us and within an hour and a half we all had t-shirts.

My friend Andrew had his birthday, and decided to rent the ice rink out. We went curling! Then we realized we didn’t curl, so we just threw stones around and had silly times.

Can’t curl? Just prop yourself up on stones and slide down the ice!

Apparently everyone in NZ has scurvy…


And I went to a frozen dam and met PUPPIES!


Finally my cat, despite being on diet food, has apparently gained six hundred pounds and has taken on a new job of “throw rug”.

My poor big girl 😦

So that’s been the last few weeks! Laughing and puppies and fun and worrying about my cat. Pretty standard, I think. I’ve got a few blog posts in line waiting for a final edit, as well as a pretty awesome surprise coming up so…just be ready for some fabulous.


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