My MUST DOs when I travel (part 2)

Check out Part 1 of m MUST DOs here!

Markets are my favourite way to spend a sunny morning, whether I’m traveling or at home. There is something so comfortable in the simplicity of a chaotic market that I can’t quite match with any other activity I like to do. Give me a coffee and a chance to wander stalls and I’m a happy girl. Also, they’re great for souvineers! Faves:

Queen Vic market in Melbourne is pretty epic. They’re closed on Mondays and Wednesdays, so if you go the day before at like 2pm people sell produce at super cheap rates. Stock up on cheap veggies and don’t get travel-scurvy! They’ve also got tons of shitty nick-nacks and a delicious cheese/meat/yummy section. Also: hot. jam. doughnuts. (deargodilovemelbourne)

Salamanca Market in Hobart is one of the best markets I’ve ever been to. Open Saturdays, you can get everything from green onions to local art to cheap handbags made in China. Sample the free cheese, grab yourself some cheap oliebokken, and listen to the great buskers who rotate every half an hour or so. I spent -literally- three hours there. I got a cute broach!

Similar to these, only mine’s a picture of a bird egg. Nerd!

Portabello Road Market in London is…I mean, there’s a fucking song about it. It’s a classic and you have to go if you’re in London. Don’t be an idiot. Go hungry. Oh man I miss that market.

Random under a bridge market in London was a great one too, but I couldn’t tell you what it was called or where it was. I know I came out of it near The Anchor pub, and I hard my first Pimms with fruit there. Go explore! I’m pretty sure London has markets everywhere on weekends.

The Byward Market in Ottawa will always hold a place in my heart, since it’s the city I grew up in and was my first experience of “you don’t need to buy your vegetables in the grocery store”. Grab some fresh, local produce (Ottawa is surrounded by farmlands so there’s no excuse to not eat local when you’re there!) treat yourself to the Canadian tradition of a Beavertail, bring home maple syrup, get yourself cheap jewellery or a henna tattoo…gah! The Byward Market really is a fantastic market!

If you’re n Toronto, you can check out the St. Lawrence market. It’s okay, but definitely not a favourite (too many people on Saturdays rushing to buy veal sandwiches and produce that’s shipped in from California). they have a pretty cool antique market on Sundays in the small building. Anyways, if you happen to hang out in TO during the week, though, be sure to hit up a MyMarket – these are small pop-up produce markets that happen once a week for a few hours, and they sell LOCAL goodies. They’re great!

Here’s that pic of a cat I promised you:

This is Lola. Yes, my roommate sends me pictures of our cat. SHE IS SO CUTE AND FAT AND I MISS HER MORE THAN ANYONE.

Do you have any favourite markets you’d recommend to someone? 


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