My first pavlova

Pavlova is…well, this picture describes it better than I can:

There we go.

Ta-dah! Yes, a pavlova is a giant meringue and is beloved –beloved– by Kiwis and Aussies alike. Aussies say they invented it, Kiwis say they did…it’s this big “we invented it and you stole it” thing between the two countries but, either way, it’s delish.

I decided to make my own from this book, loaned to me by a friend of mine down here. While the book inspired me, when I went next door to grandma landlord’s place to borrow corn starch (grandma because she feeds me every time I go over there. It’s awesome.) she gave me a tea towel with her favourite recipe on it and I couldn’t resist using it to make my pav. We all know how much I love kitsch.

So! Into the bowl went egg whites, sugar, corn flour and vinegar (I didn’t have any vanilla extract) and I beat it into a lovely glop (technical term, according to the tea towel). I didn’t have baking paper so I thought “meh” and just threw a bit of butter on my pan and hoped for the best. Baking isn’t science, right?


Pop it into an oven for an hour or so and poof! I pav’d!

Well, first I licked the bowl. #gross #fatkid

Then I coloured my hair because when I get bored I bake and dye my hair.


Top with kiwifruits and banana (I forgot the whipping cream too. You’d think I could follow a recipe and buy proper ingredients, eh?) and serve to grandma and grandpa kiwi landlords, and Jane from France. They all approved and Marj (grandma) said it was a lovely pav and I did a great job! Approval from a kiwi grandma? You can’t get a better endorsement!

“Num num” they said!

I’m pretty proud of my first pavlova, especially since I’m not a very good baker.* It was fluffy and creamy and light and sticky and delish!

It’s supposed to look broken like that. Really!

My second pavlova, though…oh god, it was a terrible terrible eggy mess. Beginners luck?

(Oh, and the hair? It turned out…not that ok. Pretty purple. After a couple days it looked better. I probably won’t do that again. I got some puzzles to beat boredom next time.)

If you want to try your hand at Pavlova, here’s the recipe:

Told you it said “glop”…


*My sister is though! This week she graduated from baking school, and if you’re in the Ottawa area and looking for yummy treats, I’d encourage you to check her out. She’s actually pretty good…for a brat. Congrats Katie!


7 thoughts on “My first pavlova

    • Nope! She works from home doing custom orders – She’s actually really really good! And not even just because she’s my sister; she made the most delicious fondant I’ve ever had (normally I can’t stand fondant) and….now it’sl ike 7:30am and I want cake.

  1. When you get home, I’ll show you a modified pavlova that is like an icecream cake! Miss you, kiddo!

  2. Baking is a science, goof. Glad the first one turned out though.
    Thanks for the shout out 😛
    Love you!

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