My trip to Puzzleworld!

For the first time since arriving in Alexandra three weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get out of Alexandra. I mean, look: Alex is a lovely town, but it’s small and there’s nothing new to see, eat or do. Ever. So getting away for a day, even if it’s just a few kilometers away, is a thing to celebrate.

The original plan was to head to Wanaka, a small town about 90km from Queenstown (and about an hour from Alex). Though it’s a small place, there are a few shops and restaurants that are worth checking out, and, much like Queenstown, the views are absolutely gorgeous.

New Zealand HOW are you this pretty?

So anyways, that was the original plan and, untimately, we stuck to it…but with one AWESOME stop along the way.


I know, I know. It’s a childish attraction that somehow manages to be depressing in an outdated sort’ve way, but at the same time, is fantastic in a ‘shit, if I was 7 this would be the best place on Earth’ sort’ve way. Puzzleworld has two parts: one is a wing of illusions (optical illusions, holograms, and krazy-kitchen type rooms), and the other is a pretty decent-sized outdoor maze.


The illusion wing was pretty cool; moving heads were trippy and the krazy room made me feel ill. But the maze THE MAZE. Oh man guys. This thing takes on average 30-60 minutes to complete. You have to find you way to the four corners, then find your way to the finish. We completed the four corners in 20 minutes. No sweat! No worries! EASY, MAN. And then we had to find the finish line. We were right beside it multiple times on our mission to find the four corners, so obvs we would be able to find it again right?


I was in that fucking maze for over an hour. OVER AN HOUR, PEOPLE. I ended up in the same-but-different parts of the maze every few minutes. My friend Jess gave up decided to end mazetime well before I did, as I was stubborn and determined to finish. But after OVER AN HOUR, I realized that my friends were just sitting in the café waiting for me to finish this fucking thing, so I…gave up. I gave up. I had to. I sweartagod if people weren’t waiting for me, I would’ve stayed in there and finished no matter how long it took.

How can something so simple be so terrible?

I’m so pissed I didn’t finish that maze.


Anyways, after that we went to Wanaka and drove a little past it to an old campground my friend Leahanne’s mom had camped at 60 years ago (she says it’s changed quite a bit since her bikini days). It was a lovely day trip with lovely people, lovely scenery…and a maze that I swear I will beat one day.


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