The Walk to the Clock

When you’re in Alexandra, there’s one thing you’ll always see, and one thing that brings the town a bit of “oomph” and differentiates it from other small towns around. That thing is: THE CLOCK.

The clock came about in 1968 and is pretty cool (click that link and you can read all about it’s history). It hangs there above the town on the Knobbies Range, and at night it lights up…so it kind’ve looks like a floating clock/UFO in the night sky. It’s cool!

In all her graffiti glory

Like the rest of New Zealand, hills and mountains were made for hiking, and the walk to the clock is a good one. It’s short (maybe 10-15 minutes) and the last bit is a little steep…and the part behind the clock to the top of the hill is very steep and you shouldn’t look down…but the views are great!

Town of 5000. I can see my house from here!

I went on a slightly overcast morning (which is unusual here) so my views weren’t spectacular, but still pretty nonetheless. The hills are completely lined with wild thyme, which made us smell beautiful and delicious, and the clock itself is covered in names and graffiti many decades old.

The walk to the clock is a must-do if you’re in Alexandra. And don’t fear the Shaky Bridge! It’s only a little shaky. You’ll be okay.*

*more on the Shaky Bridge later!


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