Queenstown is beautiful

Queenstown is beautiful.

Lake Wakatipu and beautiful autumn colours

Everywhere you look you see mountains, trees and snowy peaks poking into the blue sky.  The town is small and the roads are cobbled and lined with restaurants and shops and cafes. The whole town revolves around adventure sports and outdoor activities, so there are adverts for bungy jumps and skydives every few meters, and you’re guaranteed to find a sale on snow boots somewhere in a block. Yes, it’s touristy, and yes, I know most of the population is made up of expats and visitors and you won’t get that ‘true Kiwi’ vibe…but it really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.

This is real life. REAL LIFE.

After landing and throwing my stuff in my hostel* I ventured out to town and was totally blown away by the sunshine and mountains and cuteness of it all.

Boats. Mountains. REAL LIFE.

So happy!

Since I was hungover (why do I always seem to be hungover on flights?) I got myself a huge Pad Thai and a coke; the second best of all hangover cures** I walked around town, walked along the lake, and was constantly snapping photos. My first night in town was a quiet one, but my second night more than made up for it. Queenstown is as renowned as a party town, as it is the adventure capital ofNew Zealand. There seem to be a hundred bars, each one with drink specials and each one with a steady line of people coming in and out. One place offered us free shots if we took our tops off and mentioned we could win $300 in a bikini contest. I don’t think I was their target audience.

I was originally going to leave today (Friday) but my friend is coming into town to pick me up on our way to Alexandra, and we decided to spend an extra day/night here. I’m not complaining! This place really is something else, and I’m pumped that I’ll be so close to it for four or five months.

what is this i dont even…

Like a postcard. A creepy “I take pictures of strangers” postcard.

Another bonus: everyone is telling me that Canada looks just like this…but I’ve never been out west, so I have nothing to compare it to. Now I can’t wait to get to Canada and road trip it up!!!

Also: FERGBURGER. This famous burger place deserves all the praise it gets. Best burger of my life. So huge I couldn’t finish it. Ohyum.

I can’t believe this is my life.

*I’m staying at The Flaming Kiwi and I would highly recommend it if you aren’t looking for a party hostel. It’s very clean, quiet but friendly, the staff is great and the owner is fabulous, they’re constantly asking if everything is okay/warm enough/any problems, and there’s a hot tub. A hot tub! One of my favourite hostels I’ve stayed in.

**The first being, of course, bacon and eggs or some variation of that sort.


3 thoughts on “Queenstown is beautiful

  1. My hangover cure is 1 banana and 1 order of Pad Thai. And all the water I can get my hands on. We were just in Q’stown last weekend and it was A-MAZING. Enjoy!

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