Goodbye Wellington!

So! Here we are, almost two weeks after arriving in New Zealand and I’m finally –finally– feeling happy and excited and comfortable. I decided to move to Queenstown for a few days, and the minute I touched down I lost my breath and found my happiness again. Queenstown is awe-inspiring and beautiful, and it’s like nowhere I’ve ever been before. I absolutely love it.

This isn’t to say Wellingtonisn’t nice. It is! It’s a great city and has a lot to offer people; there’s tons of music, art, theatre, sports…lots of things to do. And it’s beautiful too. But for some reason,Wellington and I just didn’t click. Welly wined me and dined me, and I even let her get to second base…but like so many of the other relationships/dates/special friends in my life, I just didn’t see a future with her. It’s nothing personal, Wellington. It’s not you, it’s me.

Art in Civic Square

View from the top(ish)

Sculptures are all over the city.

Cemetery at the bottom of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

If you find yourself in New Zealand, I’d really recommend heading to Wellington for a few days. It really is a great place and, despite my opinion, many many people love it. It’s a gorgeous city with a lot of things to do and see, including a few great free attractions like the Botanic Gardens (take the cable car up from Lambton Quay), weekend markets, and Te Papa (one of the best museums I’ve been to). Definitely worth a visit!

At the wonderful (free!) Te Papa museum.

Wellington has some fantastic cafes.


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