Riding the waves to Manly Beach

Another great way to spend a few sunny hours in Sydney is to take the ferry over to Manly beach.

Grab yourself a spot on the roof and get your camera out. The ferry ride is about 40ish minutes and gives you great views of the Opera House, harbour and city from the water. I EVEN SAW THE BIGGEST LOSER HOUSE. NBD.* Once you get to the other side, follow the crowd through the main drag and down to the beach.  The beach itself isn’t as impressive as some, but it’s still quite nice and while I was there, people were learning how to surf. I feel like I picked up enough that I could totally do it.


I should really go inside one day.

Lots of gorgeous views from the ferry.

Try to catch the ferry back at sunset if you can swing it. It wasn’t the most amazing sunset, but I reckon if the day was a little nicer it would’ve been great.

I had a week-long transit pass that got me on to all trains, busses and ferries, but you can buy yourself a single ferry ride for $14 at Circular Quay terminal. Bring yourself a picnic, Frisbee, and a friend and you’re all set for a great day!**


*Total BD
**One would assume. I didn’t have a friend with me so…y’know. Lonely.


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