Sick and Homesick in New Zealand

I arrived in Wellington about a week ago and I was…sad. I was sad and sick and homesick. My throat hurt, my sinuses throbbed, my hostel room was messy, I didn’t know a soul, I was tired and dirty and had just come from spending five weeks with amazing friends…and I was sad. I spent the first two days in Wellington crying (sorry mom) and I felt (oh man my mom is gonna flip out that I was sad) that I just wanted to give up and go home (its okay mom please don’t flip out).

After crying in the library to friends over email, Facebook and iMessage for a few days, I was feeling a bit better. It was sunny and I was going to enjoy Wellington! I took my yoga teacher’s suggestion and explored the botanic garden. I walked and walked along the waterfront. I went to a pub crawl and hung out in common rooms and tried to make friends and went to an improv workshop and checked out a museum and…

And that’s it.

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in the hostel writing and watching movies. I feel like a slug (even though the whole purpose of this trip was to focus on writing and ‘the shit that is inside my brain’) and I’m getting bored. In Australia, I was out doing things all the time. Exploring and making friends and drinking flat whites happened daily. Here, I’ve been walking around alone and concentrating on not spending money and, while hanging around the hostel is a good way to save money, it gets old quickly. And now that it’s coming into winter, the forecast is calling for rain for the next who knows how long, and I’m not going to be able to do long walks along the waterfront without cursing my lack of rain jacket or polar fleece.

This is all to say that I’ve been going back and forth between “Do I stay in Wellington” and “Do I go to Queenstown” and “Do I head to Auckland” and “Maybe I should just go to Thailand and keep traveling because traveling is fun and I don’t want to work, but if I go to Thailand right now then I’ll have to work later during the summer and that’s no fun but I guess I could go home, but then I’d be going home during the winter and I don’t want to go home to winter because I want two summers in a row”.

Yeah. Basically, I’m a whole bunch of crazy.

I need to make a decision. It’s been a week and I just need to make a decision, which I guess is going to be dependent on wherever I get a job. It’s not like I have the luxury to just hang out and hope a job falls in my lap, so I need to sit down and use the 30-minute chunks of free wifi from the library and apply for everything. I know I’m qualified for some things and that I’m generally a friendly person, so I’m sure I’ll find something (even if it’s just working at Subway), I guess I’m just feeling a bit…lost.


Anyways, I’ll find a job/sugar daddy and things will be great. I’ll get working, hopefully find a flat, make some money and explore the rest of this amazing country.

Wish me luck, internet.


One thought on “Sick and Homesick in New Zealand

  1. We miss you too Miss Jenny, but I’m sure your adventures will pick up real soon! And don’t foget, Toronto (and Ottawa) will always be here, as will your friends!

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