Hostel Tips: wtf guys?

I think everyone who has lived in a hostel for more than a couple days has a “Hostel Etiquette” list. Here, in no particular order, is mine!

  1. If you wear cologne or perfume, don’t spray it in your hostel room. Seriously. The room is, what, 10×10 and there are six people in there. I don’t want to wake up to your cologne choking me in my sleep!
  2. Get a flashlight. I don’t want to be woken up at 3am when you come home and throw all the lights on. Come on dude.
  3. If you need to set an alarm, you need to wake up when the alarm goes off. Honestly, how can ANYONE sleep through their alarm when it’s as loud as it can go and goes off for a good 45 seconds?! I wish I had your sleep abilities. Instead, I lie there trying to slow my shocked heart down and wondering if I should be hopping over to your bunk to see if you’re still breathing.
  4. In the same vein, don’t hit snooze eight times. Once? Sure. Go nuts. But eight times?! Buddy, you’re not at home. Mom isn’t gonna come wake you up.
  5. Wash your dishes. Put your shit away. Just because there’s a housekeeping crew doesn’t mean you should leave dirty plates, half-eaten pots of pasta and dirty napkins on every available surface. Like, honestly, are you like this at home? Do you leave spilt pasta all over the kitchen counter? You disgust me.
  6. If you come into a dorm room and it’s mostly empty, don’t take the bunk bed directly over the only other person in the room. Seriously bro? There are 8 beds, one is taken, and you take the one directly over it? That’s….that’s creepy. That’s the next step up from sitting right beside someone on an empty bus.
  7. This one’s for the hostel owners: I don’t care how cheap or OMGPARTY your hostel is, try to run your business as best as you can. We are paying customers! Give us at least a little value for our money. Have hooks in the bathrooms so we aren’t trying to pile our clothes and towels on toilets while we shower. If there’s mold in the shower, throw some new caulking on it so I don’t feel like I’m showering in my ex-boyfriend’s disgusting bachelor pad. If your mugs keep breaking and you’re down to two mugs for a kitchen of 40, buy some fucking new mugs. Like I said, we are paying customers. Just because we’re trying to save a bit of cash on accommodations doesn’t mean we’re willing to sleep in squalor.

There are more. Many more, I’m sure! What it all comes down to is this: you’re living with other people in a tiny tiny space. Have some respect! We all have our little habits and smells and thoughts and ideas, but when you live with a hundred other people in tiny tiny spaces, you need to keep your shit in check. RESPECT. A considerate attitude. A grown-up way of living. Decency. Guys. Seriously. Come on.

Do you have any hostel tips to add?


2 thoughts on “Hostel Tips: wtf guys?

  1. UCK! Sounds like not the best experience! I hope you’re making a list of all the places to go adn PLACES TO AVOID while you’re out there. I hope to require your advice one day!

  2. 8. Do NOT burn things in the kitchen. Ever. Know what you are cooking and be prepared to pull that shit off the burner should the burner malfunction (read: only have one setting- HIGH). Just sayin’…

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