Bondi to Bronte

Bondi Beach is arguably the most famous of all Sydney beaches, so it’s natural that you should find yourself embraced by its sand when you’re hanging in one of my new favourite cities. If you look beyond the bikinis and rescues and vet spin-off shows, though, you’ll see a gorgeous shoreline and a glimpse of just how beautiful and amazing the country and shoreline really are.


If you *do* manage to head out there, be sure to spend at least part of your day doing the walk from Bondi to Bronte. This short, easy walk follows the shoreline and, though they aren’t super high, the cliffs give some spectacular views of the area.



The route is clearly marked, and the walk is pretty easy (though it’s not suitable for baby strollers or high heels), and from Bondi to Bronte and back it’s about…2.5 hours-ish (walking at a leisurely pace, stopping to enjoy the view/take pictures, and having a quick bite).  If you’re a little more ambitious, you can walk all the way to Coogee beach, but I’ve been told the prettiest parts are Bondi to Bronte.

So many surfers! (er…there were more. Trust me.)

To get there: take the Eastern Suburbs train to Bondi Junction, then hop on a bus from stop A. The bus ride is about 10 minutes, and you just get off when all the people with surfboards get off, or whenever you see the beach. I think there’s also a bus from Circular Quay station…#300 I think, and that’s about a 30 min bus ride. The walk starts to the right of Bondi beach; like, if you’re facing the water, take the route to the right.

Picard practiced his best Bondi Rescue pose.

Definitely a beautiful walk, so be sure to do it before throwing your towel to the sand and grabbing a Magnum Ego ice cream bar.


…(can someone please bring Magnum Ego bars toCanada?)


2 thoughts on “Bondi to Bronte

  1. I think the whole walk is beautiful, not just bondi to bronte. The cemetery that overlooks the ocean is strangely beautiful. You could spend a whole day walking and swimming.

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