Spending the afternoon in a Wineglass

People who know me (or follow my Twitter) know I like a good glass of wine here and there, so when I decided to jet to Tasmania and saw pictures of Wineglass Bay…I mean, how could I *not* go? Here’s what it looks like in the guidebooks:

From puretasmania.com.au

And here’s what it looked like when I went:

I probably should’ve used an Instagram filter or something. Is there Instagram for computers?

So, look, it wasn’t quite as breathtakingly beautiful as it would’ve been on a clear, sunny day with an airlift to the top of the mountain and stuff, but it was still gorgeous! Wineglass Bay is located in Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, and is one of a ton of beautiful things to see there (it’s definitely the most famous).

Set in The Hazards mountain range, it’s a 1 hour walk climb to the lookout, and then another 30 mins to the beach itself…and then back again.  I mean, Mt. Amos wasn’t a hard mountain to climb, but to someone who hasn’t climbed a mountain since 2008 and forgot her asthma puffer back in Canada, it was a bit of a happy, steep struggle. The climb up was beautiful, providing wonderful views of Coles Bay, lots of rocks and trees and trees and rocks (anyone?), and was, of course, flanked by Chinese grandmas running up the hill NO PROBLEM, excusing my fat ass out of the way. I’m seriously going to move to China because their old people are built like machines. Like, an 80 year old working her way up no worries while 28 year old me huffs and puffs like I’ve just run a marathon? What’s your secret, China? Whey are your old people invincible?

Sidenote: I just googled ‘Old Chinese Lady’ because I was going to put a picture of some sort of invincible, inspiring woman up here, and the first thing that came up was ‘old Chinese lady grows horn’. WHAT? So of course I check it out – this 100 year old woman just has this 6cm horn growing out of her head. And she fucking STILL probably does more each day than I do. INVINCIBLE. 

From the lookout, we walked down to the beach itself, and the water was just as blue as it looked from up high. I’ve never seen water that blue – it was spectactular! Even more amazing: when we got down to the water, there was someone there to greet us at the bottom.

Cute animal + pretty scenery? Yesplease.

What?! What you doin’ on the beach, wallaby? It was quite a sight and he was pretty cute. I mean, he was super tame and just hanging out, which probably means he’s used to humans feeding him…but still, it’s as close to a wild wallaby as I’ve ever come!

We only spent a few minutes on the beach, as we wanted to get on the road before the sun set (small, winding country roads with no lights = a wee bit unnerving), so if you’re thinking of going I’d really suggest you go early in the morning so you can have the whole day to hang out and enjoy it. Definitely worth the trip from Hobart!

Blue water, cloudy mountains


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