The Cascade Brewery

Hobart is a lovely old town, with buildings from the 1860s housing clothing lines featuring the hottest fashions. Tasmania is known for its beautiful produce and it’s beer. The small island (it’s still Australia, btw) only houses like 550,000 people, but they’ve got a couple big breweries here, as well as a few microbrews. The biggest brewery in Tasmania, and one of the top attractions in Hobart, is Cascades Brewery.

Set against beautiful Mt. Wellington!

Established forever ago

Established in 1824, the land was originally a sawmill…but then they figured out brewing beer was far more fun profitable and went with it. It’s been operation as a brewery since 1831, meaning they’ve been churning out ales for 180 years. Yow!

The first beer to come out was the Pale Ale, and it was originally 13.5%. Blagh. That’s even harsher than the 40s of Black Label I consumed during university (only $4.35 for 40oz of 10% beer? Thanks Quebec!) In 1830, Hobart had 60 licensed pubs and alehouses (huge, right?) and Cascades quickly became a favourite since their product wasn’t, y’know, made with dirty water and rat poo.

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Mt.Wellington, the tour itself is about an 1.5-2 hours and cost $22. I’m normally not one for paying tons for a tour, but I really wasn’t let down by this one!* Our guide was really great and seemed to genuinely enjoy his job without being super cheesy about it. We got to smell the different ingredients they put in (they stick to just four ingredients to keep the beer pure. I like!) and got to check out the great property. It was a pretty good tour. The best part was the beer tasting at the end. We got three tokens each and could try any of the beers, ciders or sparkling juices they make there (they also do non-alcoholic drinks!).

Shelves and shelves of old cans.

I tried the Pure, Pale Ale, Draught and a sip of the Stout from a lovely girl I met. They were all really good. I was surprised I liked the stout so much; I’m not usually a dark beer girl, but it tasted a lot like coffee and was SUPER smooth. I’d definitely split a bottle of that again.


If you end up in Hobart and are trying to figure out what to do, definitely take the Cascades Brewery tour. Beer + Learning = AWESOME!

Picard gets up close and personal with the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.

*This said, the bottles weren’t running and getting filled. I’ve been on three brewery tours in my life and not ONCE have I seen bottles moving on belts. Total rip.

Let me save you some time: you’re gonna take a bus from Stop M at the bus mall, then go to stop 16 (ask the driver to yell out just in case that changes). The trip too about 12 mins by bus…and definitely take the bus. It’s all uphill, and that’d be a killer walk. This said, I walked back into town and I’d really recommend you do that too! Bus there, walk back, BOOM. You’re done. Bus tix are $2.60 for a single ride.

5 thoughts on “The Cascade Brewery

  1. “Tasmania Australia”… and here I thought you were travelling to “Tasmania Island” in the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut. OMG you’re on the bottom of the world – I hope you haven’t fallen off yet!

    Finally getting around to checking out your blog Ms Serwylo and it appears you are having significant quantities of fun… good fer yu! I’m just back from 10 rounds of golf in 8 days in south Florida so my fun is officially OVER.

    Continue having a blast and watch out for those spinning T-Devils. Cheers, Are Are

    • 10 rounds of golf in 8 days?! You golfers. You’re nuts.

      Haven’t quite fallen off yet! Currently watching a gorgeous sunset over the Opera House. SIGH 🙂

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