A (mostly) true vacation

I’ve been in Melbourne now for almost three weeks. Time has flown due to all the cool, awesome stuff I’ve been doing (though a few days have dragged on when all I did was sit on the couch watching bad TV and thinking ‘oh man I should go outside’ but then getting really into that steam cleaner commercial). The friends I’m staying with, Amy and Rob, have shown me they are two of the most generous and fun people I’ve ever met, constantly inviting me to things and planning activities, even driving me to the grocery store.  I’ve been terribly spoiled, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Not to mention all the beer and cider I’ve been drinking.

So in the few weeks I’ve been here, I’ve done some cool things. I fulfilled a childhood dream and saw a favourite band, ate croc, ‘roo, buffalo and emu all on the same plate, went camping in the [sparse!] bush, saw penguins in the wild, watched my footy team win a game, learnt about how batman founded the city as we know it today, saw some absolutely amazing comedy shows,  caught up with old friends and made new ones. Plus: been to the beach a couple times for sunset walks. My first few weeks of vacation were truly that – a vacation with good balance of busy and lazy and sprinkled with laugher in between.  It might not be lying on a beach drinking cocktails, but it has been awesome.


I’ve got another week-ish left in Melbourne…which may turn in to just a couple days, as I met this Swedish guy on the penguin tour and he asked if I wanted to head to Tasmania with him. Random trip with a stranger? Sure! Why not! Adventure!*  Then I head up to Sydney to explore whatever happens there, eat good Thai food, and try to do some stand-up, then it’s off to New Zealand to find some work. Anyone know anyone in Wellington?

*Secretly scared that we won’t get along at all as he’s this really cool Swedish musician guy and I’m…me. BUT! I told myself I was going to push myself to say yes more and do some crazy things. So bam. Let’s go to Tazzie.


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