Great Big Sea in Melbourne: real men play (f)lutes

I don’t see live music very often. It’s not because I don’t enjoy it, because any time I see a show I always think “Hey this is fun! I should do it more often!”, but music isn’t a huge, colossal part of my life. I like it, sure, but it’s not something I’d put down on my online dating profile.

This said, there is one band I’ve wanted to see live since I was 15 years old: Great Big Sea. I love their music and have heard that their concerts are pure, sweaty fun. Every time I think to check their tour page, I always end up missing them or am not able to afford a ticket.

All this changed last night.

When I told my friend Dylan (a Canada-loving Aussie I met in Toronto who knows my love of the band) I was heading to Melbourne, he told me they were playing the week after I arrive. Penny-pinching be damned, I was going!

The concert, held at the Corner Hotel, was fantastic. The boys were obviously pumped to finally be playing in Australia, and Australia was obviously pumped to have them. A lovely Nova Scotian I met guessed the crowd was 80/20 Canadians to Aussies, and we assumed many of the Aussies there were spouses or friends of the Canadians. This said, everyone was singing and clapping along and seemed to have a great time.

Lead singer Alan Doyle and Shanty man Sean

Have you ever seen more hardcore lute playing? He also played fiddle, accordion,, everything.

Ah. Pure love.

I never thought someone playing a flute (er, recorder?) could be hot.

True secret: I have a weakness for tall men with long hair.

These guys were a total blast to watch, and I couldn’t believe I was like eight feet away from them. Their skill and comfort on stage was great, and they all seemed to play a hundred instruments each (save for the drummer, but I’m sure he could if he had the chance). They just looked like they were having FUN! Their energy and fantastic music, plus great fans and encouraged clapping and singing, made for an amazing, fun, awesome, somanyotherwordsthatmeangood night. If you ever get a chance to see them, do it!

The whole gang!


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