Lovely-sunny-chilly Los Angeles day!

Today was one of those amazing travel days where nothing happens and everything is amazing.

After breakfast (which only featured a couple Cheez-Its, thankyouverymuch) we headed down to the Santa Monicabeach. Eager to touch the Pacific from this side, I ran to the water and got a little too far in. It was cold. Very cold. Worth it, though, and we continued down the beach for a lovely stroll in the sand and…ran into oil. Tar-like, hard, gooey, disgusting oil. Apparently there must have been a spill or a leak somewhere, because before we knew it, we had oil on our feet that would. not. come. off.  It’s currently two days later and it’s still not off. I mean, you know that oil spills are bad and stuff, but to really experience having this crap on you and it just NOT coming off…I mean those poor sea creatures!

After scraping what we could off our feet with sea shells (that’s what classy ladies do), we headed to the Venice Beach skate park to watch children far too young to be doing things far too dangerous without helmets.  We then took to Peter’s workplace to see the view and catch the sunset. Many free drinks and a few new best friends later, we watched a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Priceless.


As my friend and I were huddled under blankets trying to stay warm and clutching warm mugs of hot alcohol with a splash of hot chocolate, we were talking about making friends and meeting strangers, especially while traveling. While chatting, I said something akin to “You never know! That guy who strikes up a friendly conversation could be the next person to give you a job!”  Wouldn’t you know, an hour later she and I were talking about New Zealand and a guy to my right chimed in. He was nice and we got to talking, and as it turns out, he was a VP at 20th Century Fox. WHAT?! I know, I know. This is LA and the guy was just bullshitting us until we agreed to get in his Bang Bus and star in his next smash hit “Titty Trouble 8: A Canuck’s Revenge” but he was totally legit. Totally! We proceeded to have a three hour conversation with him about the arts, the industry, the town, and everything in between. It was a great chat with a passionate person (who even tried to convince me to move to LA) and ended with him giving my friend his business card and telling her to email him her resume (she is graduating soon and needs a job/internship!) We couldn’t quite believe it and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t get a more LOS ANGELES experience!

After Peter finally got off work (three hours late, the poor guy) we headed to The Rainbow, a huge, twisty-turny rock and roll themed bar, with kitsch on the walls and some of the best bar food I’ve ever had. If you make it, try the meatball pizza, but please don’t get a double tequila-orange.

My second day in LA was fantastic, and just the kind of chill fun I like. Nothing too huge, nothing too busy…just fun and great conversation with a beautiful view the whole way. Perfect.


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