Let me tell you about Bubba Gump’s

Let me tell you about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

And they did.

Walking into Bubba Gump’s is like walking into a shrimp-themed Hard Rock Café, only instead of rock stars on the wall, there are signs saying “Lt. Dan’s Wharf” and quotes from the movie Forest Gump everywhere. The tables have license plate things that say “Run Forest Run” or “Stop Forest Stop” on them; a signal to the waiters if you need/don’t need help. Dishes have names like “Run Across America Sampler” (an appetizer of various shrimps, hush pups, chicken and chips) and “Jenny’s Catch of the Day”.



It’s one of those restaurants with huge frozen slushy drinks that come in special glasses you can take home. Correction: special LIGHT UP glasses you can take home. I’m not normally a slushy drink person, but this was America and I was going to partake in the fun.

Peter got in on the action too.

When your light-up glass first comes, it’s quite jarring. The lights are bright and spastic and really don’t give you a break from the insanity that is BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK. This said, it’s pretty fucking amazing.  And the drink! Look, it’s been a while since I’ve had a Long Island Iced Tea, and I forgot how potent those things are. Halway th rough my first one I could feel my cheeks flushing, and I ended up having three so needless to say…the next morning was slow, and I’m taking a few blinking glasses to Australia with me.

If you’re ever in Los Angeles and want a pretty American experience, check out the Bubba Gump’s on the Santa Monica pier around sunset, get yourself a light-up drink, and have a fucking blast.

Oh. And if it’s your birthday, they make you dance and give you ice cream. So. That happened.

Ah, the glasses. I'm so easily amused.


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