Adventure 2012 Begins!

My adventure has started!

After weeks of anticipation, budgeting and more farewell parties than I can remember, I’ve started my adventure.  I’m currently sitting on an air mattress in Los Angeles; the friend I’m staying with left for work, which is probably for the best since my body is still on Toronto time and I woke up just before 6am (9am TO).  Hopefully I can nap before she gets home in a couple hours so I can party like a famous person today.

Travel day was more hectic and insane than I ever could have thought. I woke up to an Air Canada strike and a ton of last-minute cleaning.  Subletting is great, but you realize just how much dust there is on the bookshelf and just how much cat hair there is on the carpet. Needless to say, I woke up just before 6am and was running like a crazy person. I honestly don’t know where the three days I had last week went; I was packed, sure, but my apartment was a mess and it stressed me out to the point of tears. I didn’t get a chance to sweep or do another load of dishes or scrub the toilet…ugh, I felt absolutely terrible leaving it all for my roommate and the weight of that atrocity is still heavy on my shoulders.  A bit overdramatic? Not to me.  I hate leaving a messy apartment when I go away, and even when I take off to the cottage for a weekend I try to scrub things.

Look, that last paragraph turned into a rant about how much I hate myself that I left my roommate with dirty dishes. Sorry. I just…whatever. Moving on (STILL SO UPSET WITH MYSELF)

We ended up leaving the house 30 minutes late, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since I was moved from one line to another to another and another…I think I waited in four or five lines before I was able to drop my bag off.  Awesome.

Luckily customs (did you know that you do US customs at the airport?! I had no idea!) and security was relatively quick, and my flight was only delayed by an hour due to the strike.  One of the best parts: no one was in the seat beside me! I had window and super stretching room, since the guy on the aisle was a 9 year old kid who didn’t take up too much room. BAM.

Also room for Picard to get comfy.

The flight was beautiful and I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t love the window seat. I saw the patchwork of farmers fields, the white peaks of the Rockies, the red sand in the desert and deep canyons that ran through the land. It was gorgeous.  Plus: I watched two cool documentaries about Stonehenge and Regent Park. And they had a USB plug right in the seat in front of me! When did that start happening?! So awesome.

Cloud shadows over America

I've never seen a desert before.

Over the Rockies

Canyons! I don't know if it's the Grand one, but I'm sure that one is around somewhere.

After a drive on America’s worst highway, I was home. We got some groceries (Cheez-Its and Girl Scout cookies filled up more than one bag. AMERICA.) and headed out for dinner in Westwood.  A burger and some water-beer later, we were home and in bed by 11 (which, in our defense, was 2am Toronto time and my friend had to be up for work at 5, SO whatever. We can party.)

Today we will walk and beach and watch the sunset on a rooftop bar and head to Hollywood for fun times. So far Adventure 2012 is off to a great start.


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