Life, you’re something else

This trip really has shown me that things will always work out last-minute if you just chill for a bit and let life work its wonders. Can’t get an Oz work visa? NZ has you covered. Can’t find a sublet? A friend of a friend of a friend will show up last-minute and be amazing. Want to go home to Ottawa but don’t want to spend all that time in a car? Porter will have a sale and get you a great last-minute one-way deal.  Plus: free Steamwhistle.

I’m having a farewell show* tonight and, quite honestly, I totally let all the details of it slip.  Between being so busy, being so sick, and being in complete disbelief that I’m leaving for the airport in (barf) just over 49 hours, my amazing goodbye show/party evolved into my friends texting me messages like “so…what exactly am I doing tomorrow in this show?”  I feel terrible and am never this disorganized. I have very patient friends.

So this is all to say!

I hadn’t been able to find a pianist when *poof* out of the blue my old friend Graham messaged me and said he was excited for the show.  Graham and I met when he was music director of an improv club in Ottawa. Graham plays piano. Graham plays piano for improv sets. Graham is amazing at what he does.  I asked if he’d play, he said he’d love to, and *bigger poof* I have a musician for tonight!  With further help from my beloved Bad Dog Theatre, I secured a piano and *biggest poof of all* I’m in business for tonight.

Life really does have a way of working out for me lately.  I mean, life has always been great…but when it comes to this trip, life is just giving me things left, right and centre.  Quite frankly, I feel like life is getting my hopes up and I’m trying to keep them down. It’s like when you start a new relationship; you’re happy and trying to be carefree, but you can’t help but be cautious and wonder when he’ll tell you he wears a diaper/has a wife.  Maybe all those karma seeds I worked hard on planting are starting to sprout?

Whatever the case, today will be great.  25 degrees, sunny, almost all packed and I get to do improv with amazing friends tonight.  Life, you’re just something else.


*Tonight! Comedy Bar! 7:30pm show starts! FREE! Buy some drinks!


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