I keep having these flashes of “Oh my god I leave in X days”.  It hits me right in the middle of my forehead and the bottom of my stomach and for a brief moment I’m excited and nervous and scared and I think of my entire packing list.  Then it goes away and I’m all “Why is my bedroom so empty? What’s happening?”  On the one hand, I fully know I’m leaving (and my bank account will attest to that), yet on the other I can’t quite believe it and am still planning sushi lunches for next Tuesday.

I think this happens to everyone before a trip, whether it’s a jaunt around the world or a quick jump to the cottage for a week.  You kind’ve go go go before the trip, packing and finishing up everything, seeing people and eating up the fridge and planning your trip without actually realizing that you’re going away.  I don’t think I realized I was in Europe last year until I hit Bruges (day 7 or 8 I think), and I was riding double deckers and eating a lot of Belgian chocolate.

I went to Ottawa this past weekend to see my family, and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I had to do when I got home.  I had dreams of packing last night (I also had  a dream that I took the College Streetcar in a wedding dress and am pretty sure that’s exactly what I want to do when I get married! How CUTE would those photos be?!) and woke up early to make a “To Do” list.  I know that I’m leaving, but it just hasn’t hit me yet. It didn’t hit me when I hugged my crying mother when we said goodbye at the airport.  It didn’t hit me when I tripped over the EIGHTY POUNDS of kitty litter in the middle of my bedroom.  It hasn’t hit me at all, save for those little flashes.

I know it’ll hit me soon. I’m not working this week, so come Thursday I might be like “whoa I’m unemployed BECAUSE I’M LEAVING!?”  It might hit me next week when I’m lost in Melbourne, trying to figure out the train system.  It might hit me in three months that I’m traveling for longer than three weeks.  I know it’ll hit me…it’s just weird that it hasn’t happened yet.

On that note, I’m going to brew some coffee and make some eggs and get started on this To Do list.  First up: can I fit a bottle of champagne in my suitcase, or should I just drink it now?


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