Things I Want To Bring With Me On My Trip (but know I totally shouldn’t)

Straight up: I’m an overpacker. From weekend trips to week-long jaunts to going out for the day, I will always overpack. I don’t quite know why, but I figure it’s a combination of a few things:

  1. I like to have options and get bored with the same clothes/earrings quickly
  2. I change my mind a lot
  3. WHAT. IF.

The last point really is the biggest for me. What if. What if it rains? What if it gets cold? What if I twist my ankle and fall down and break my finger and get a scratch on my elbow? All these things could happe.! All these “what ifs” lead to my luggage being full of extra socks, too-big sweaters, far too many bandaids and lord knows what else pops into my head while doing my last-minute packing.

There are some things I know are just dumb dumb dumb to bring with me…but I can’t help but want to pay extra baggage for them.

    • My Neti Pot. I love my Neti Pot. If you’ve never used a Neti Pot, you simply need to try one. I know it looks scary and gross and you can’t possibly understand how anyone could use one ever…but it’s not and I promise you I’ve converted many a nose. I’m going to miss my Neti Pot, but bringing it and the solution around with me while I’m backpacking for a year (not to mention using it in hostel bathrooms) is just not a good idea. Sorry, nasal passages.
    • My stuffed animal. Yes, I, a 28 year old woman, keep a stuffed animal on my bed. He just hangs out there during the day (alright, sometimes I hug him when I need a hug and the cat won’t let me touch her) and he’s one of the only things my dad gave me aside from straight teeth and a dreamcatcher. I know it’s silly. I know I should be embarrassed. Whatever. Shut up. You’re so dumb.
    • My big, comfy hoodie. Oh man, there is nothing I love more than being in a huge, comfortable, warm hoodie. It takes up SO much room in my backpack, though! Believe me, I’ve tried. I still haven’t ruled it out; it’s going to be cold in New Zealand and I want to be warm. I know I can buy stuff over there, but why spend $30 on a hoodie in NZ when I have free hoodies here? Guys, I think I just convinced myself to bring my hoodie.
    • Booze. I’m not normally a big drinker of spirits, usually opting for beer or wine instead, but lately I’ve been pretty into tequila. I really think it’s *my* drink. I’ve got almost a full bottle of the stuff that I feel like I should bring with me, since booze is so expensive over there and I don’t want it to go to waste. (I totally know it’ll be fine a year from now). I also have a bottle of champagne I’ve been saving for my champagne birthday…which happens to be the day I land in Australia. I know it’s stupid to bring  a bottle of champers with me, but you only get one champagne birthday in your life. ONE!
    • Lots of accessories. Accessories are my thing. I don’t wear a ton of them all at once, but I have a big selection of great pieces that really add to an outfit (WHAT A CHICK, AMIRIGHT?). I love my earrings, my broaches and sometimes even my necklaces. I know I’m supposed to be living a dirty backpacker lifestyle, but I want to at least look a little cute!
    • Vitamins. I have vitamins here that I take pretty regularly. C, D, some zinc and shit…just a few, especially when I feel a cold coming on.  I know vitamins aren’t essential and I know that I can buy them anywhere, but I can’t help but feel like I’ll be perpetually gross if I don’t take my vitamins. Maybe I should  just eat a fucking orange.

There’s probably a few more things I’ll want to add to that list. Hell, there’s probably a few things I’ve decided to pack that you would laugh at and say “Really? Really?!” But c’mon, I love these things! I’ve even gone so far as contemplating them and justifying them, only to slap myself, look in the mirror and scream NO. I can’t help it. I like stuff. I like being comfortable and having options. I know it’s not the typical “I’m gonna wear the same zip-off pants for nine months” backpacker style, but it’s who I am. I never thought of myself as materialistic, and I still don’t think I am…I think I’m just old and self-conscious. But that’s a whole other blog post.


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