I’ll Miss You, T’rana

Things I’ll miss about Toronto:

– The food. Toronto is the world’s most ethnically diverse city, which means you can get amazing food on nearly every corner. Within  15-20 minutes’ walk from my house, you can find Indian, Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, Japanese, Greek…pretty much any cuisine you could think of, plus a slew of bars and pub food. 

– Along with the food, Toronto has fantastic neighbourhoods that are all accessiable via transit. Little Italy, Little India, Koreatown, Chinatowns 1, 2 and 3, Greektown…you get the idea.

– That first really nice day in Spring, where you don’t really need a jacket. Everyone and their dog is out and about, walking and laughing, breaking in patios and digging out their frisbees. I think there is no other time the city is more alive than the first few really nice days of the year.

– The Spicy Vegetarian Maki roll at New Gen. I know this is about food again, but come ON guys. This is the best maki roll in the city. I will always be a New Gen girl (you’re either a New Gen or a Sushi on Bloor girl. WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?)

– Friends, family, cat, etc etc blah blah blah

– The cool things that happen that you never know about. Did you know that there is an axe throwing league in the city? That you can take archery classes at a few different spots downtown? That there is usually a free/PWYC comedy show every night of the week somewhere in the city?

– The street festivals. Every other weekend in the summer is a street festival, and sometimes there are festivals you don’t even know about, you just walk right into them. Big on Bloor, Word on the Street, Pedestrian Sundays, Taste of Little Italy…I can’t get enough of these festivals, even if they are crowded and stupid and the street food is a total rip-off!

Look, I could keep going. This city is pretty damn amazing, and I love calling it my home. The longer I live here, the more I find, the more I do, and the more I love.


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