Being a Kid Was THE BEST

Things that were THE BEST about being a kid:

1.       Elevator rides. Remember when elevator rides used to be THE BEST? Now they’re just “whatever” and full of men standing too close to you.

2.       When candy was cool. When you were a kid, candy/chips/going out for dinner was a reward. Now that I’m an old hag, I can have candy or chips or Subway whenever I want. My junk food has lost its sparkle (maybe this is why I’m in a constant “I hate my body” war with myself).

3.       Hugs from mom. When you were sad, you could just hang out with your mom and she’d hug you.   When I go home and see my mom, I still make her hug me a lot. I’m okay with it.

4.       Kids can say whatever they feel. I hung out with a four year old this weekend and she said stuff like and “I love you!” and “I was scared!”.  I can’t say that stuff.  When I’m hanging out with someone and tell them I love them, they usually just mumble a reply paired with pure terror in their eyes and say stuff like “Oh man. Look, I know we’ve been dating for 8 months and stuff, but I’m only 30 years old and not looking for commitment like that”.

5.       Slides. Guys. SLIDES.

6.       Pigtails. When I wear pigtails now, I just feel like one of those girls who a) isn’t totally socially adjusted and still tries to hard to be “cute and 13” or b) is trying to be slutty.

7.       Playing outside.  Sure I go for walks and throw Frisbees around once in a while, but when I was a kid I would ride my bike in circles around the neighbourhood until the streetlights came on.  We would play in the tree fort, run in the fields in the backyard, hide in apple orchards (I lived in the country until I was 7)…we just played. Nowadays, hanging with friends usually means dinner and/or drinks.  I love eating and drinking, but sometimes I miss adventures.

8.       Discovery. I loved learning about worms, doing projects on rainbows (I changed schools so often that I just re-used my science fair project three years in a row.  Total slacker), learning how to put my hair in a ponytail…so many more things. Everything was new! I still love learning and discovering, but I think I have to work a bit harder for it.  I don’t get tears of joy when I put my hair in a ponytail anymore, and I don’t stare in disturbed fascination when a boy shows me his penis on the bus (I saw my first penis on the school bus. FACT.).  Nowadays when I see penis on the bus, I just kind’ve try not to stare and get uncomfortable, then tweet the crap out’ve it.  Times they are a changing…

Being a kid was great.  While I would never want to be 16 (or 23!) again, I think being 6 for a few days would be awesome, if only so that I could run around in Northern Reflections sweatshirts and fall into piles of leaves.

I miss falling in backwards into piles of leaves.  Anyone up for an adventure?



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