I’m an Amazon Now

This weekend I did an archery course at the local castle.

Yes. It was fucking awesome.


I’ve tried to make 2011 my year to DO things.  As much fun as going to dinner/brunch/coffee/drinks is, everyone is trying to save money and be more active, so I tried to make this year my year to do stuff.  Instead of hanging out at a bar, we’d go play Frisbee or have a picnic or go for a walk…just try to be active and do things that involve more than sitting and consuming foodstuffs.  So when my friend suggested we take an archery course, I jumped at the chance (and dragged a few friends along with me).

The course was taught by Shawn Adams, a big guy who looked like a hockey player in shorts and sandals.  Shawn was a great teacher and was obviously extremely enthusiastic about archery, because any time he was talking about it, his eyes lit up like a kid talking about…The Wiggles/whatever kids talk about these days.  And if you really engaged him (ie- asked him a question about archery) he talked and talked and obviously had this huge wealth of knowledge and crazy passion about the sport.  I asked him how he got into archery and he told me that he had been a jouster and sort’ve fell into it.

Yep. Shawn jousts. Like, riding a horse and holding a big stick and hitting other boys off their horse.  Unreal, right?

(This was when I developed my crush on Shawn)

Anyways, apparently archery is hard.  It’s like golf; it looks easy and, really, anyone can hit a golf ball/shoot an arrow…but to do it well and get things where you want them to go takes insane practice.  One little movement of your arm can throw the arrow off (and so can, apparently, your boobs getting in the way).  It’s all about perfecting your body position…and THEN you can figure out the aiming part.

By the end of the day, most people had really improved and you could see how far along they’d come.  Me, not so much. I hit the targets, but my arrows were all over the place (ideally you want to get them all around the same spot. That means you’re doing well.)  We ended the session and Shawn mentioned that he was teaching a five week course for $100 (!!!) so I slept on it for a few days and decided to sign up for it.  Why not?  Will I ever use archery? No. Will it capture me enough that I’ll want to pursue it? Probably not. Is it something fun to do and will it provide a few good standup jokes? Hell yes. Maybe it’ll make me feel like an Amazon, too.


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