New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook

I found this awesome gem in a used bookstore in The Annex a few weeks ago.  I originally picked it up to make Christmas presents out of it, but I started reading and…screw friends, I’m keeping this for myself!

The New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook was published in 1971.  Compiled (written?) by Jean Hewitt, the introduction alone is what got me, as it is full of praise for natural, unprocessed foods and getting back to “recipes our grandmothers cooked”; it seems to be something straight out of a recent Michael Pollan book, not something 40 years old! 
The recipes are great!  Over 700 natural, unprocessed and [seemingly] delicious recipes that seem to have stood the test of time, though many are updated to accompany the new tastes, dishes and cultures that people were just exploring.  Cauliflower Curry, Sunflower Seed Loaf, and whatever Wheat Germ Snicker-Doodles are all seem delicious.  Yum!
Among the great recipes was a total gold find for any lover of used books – a piece of paper, seemingly 40 years old itself, hidden in amongst the pages.  In neat cursive, one side holds recipes to try (Green Bean Salad p. 170, Beef Stuffed Green Peppers p. 291), while the other has a shopping list (Beef, Yogurt, Peppers…).  I absolutely love finding little memories hidden in used books.  There’s something magical about it!  I want to know who the woman was that wrote this list, owned this book, and what she said when she got to the grocery store and realized she had forgotten her grocery list at home (I generally say “shit!”, but I’m guessing she’s more refined than I am).  

I’m looking forward to trying out some recipes and sharing them here.  They seem great!  I’ll be sure to post pictures and reviews as I go too.



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