Ford tough

With just one week to go until the Toronto mayoral election, Joe Pantalone seems to be all over my Facebook feed.  My friends dig him and I dig him too; he has an arts plan, he supports public gardens and he has a bed bug plan which, let’s be honest, this city desperately needs.  I like what Joe’s saying.  Plus: he’s that little Italian grandpa I’ve always wanted.

Smitherman isn’t too bad either, in my opinion.  I’m the first to admit that I don’t know a thing about politics or budgets or whatever, but looking over his website I saw stuff I liked.  I didn’t see anything about arts, which is lame, but he’s got some good ideas and doesn’t think that cyclists are idiots with a death wish.  Better than Ford, for sure and, as my roommate says, “he’s a gay atheist, so he can’t be all bad.”

So I’m torn.  Do I vote for who I want as my next mayor, or do I vote for who I think stands a better chance at defeating Ford.  I know that it’s silly to say “anyone but Ford” and vote strategically, but I feel it’s quite a vaild concern.  If I vote for Pants and Ford wins, I’ll be kicking myself that I didn’t vote for Smitherman.  

My friends are artists and are all gung-ho on Pants, so in my little Facebook-heavy world, it seems that Pantalone has a great chance at winning.  The news, polls and rest of Toronto, though, say something different.  It seems that outside of my friend-world, Pantalone has no chance in hell.  

Maybe he’ll take it?  There are still lots of undecided voters…but I really feel that they’re undecided between Smithers and Pants (if you were thinking about voting Ford, you’d know by now) and I feel that many of those undecided voters are in the same boat I am: I like Joe, but I’m wondering if George is the safer choice.

Too bad Giambrone dropped out.  I bet you he’d sleep with everyone that voted for him and give you free tokens to take the subway home.

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