My first solo trip was Europe in 2011. I was 27, it was sunny, and I used up all my vacation days to spend three weeks running around the continent.

I learnt a lot of things on my first solo trip:

1. I don’t really dig museums. I mean, I love learning and will always stop to read a plaque I see on the street, but spending four hours in a museum isn’t my thing. Especially when it’s gorgeous outside, which is was for [almost] the entire time I was in Europe. If it’s rainy or cold out, sure. I’ll museum like a pro! I’ll devour facts and try to understand everything. But generally, I won’t go to a city for a museum.

2. I’m a walker. I love nothing more than walking around a city to get the feel of it, and am happy running down hidden alleys or dead ends just to see what’s there. Walking tours are the best thing a person could spend money on during their first day or two in a city.

3. I can’t GO GO GO for three weeks. By day 17 I was so burnt out that I had to spend a morning sitting in the hostel reading a book and dozing on a couch. Lesson learnt.

Europe 2011 was a fantastic first solo trip. Check out my stories and pictures! (soon to come…PROMISE)

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