Australia has become my second favourite country. Full of friendly people, diverse landscapes, too much fun and the hottest sun int he world. It’s fantastic. I love it and if I could winter there every year, I would. Need to marry an Aussie…

Here are a few selected posts about my aussielove:


Through the magic of CouchSurfing and nature, I got to see the penguins in St. Kilda  ; something even most locals don’t know about!



I got to fulfill a dream and see one of my favourite bands play in one of my favourite cities. Absolutely the most best ever.



In Tasmania, I checked out the Cascades Brewery and sampled a few of their delicious beers. I also spent an entire afternoon in a wineglass, which was much more exhausting than it sounds.



I fell in love with Sydney (something I didn’t expect to happen!) and took in the gorgeous scenery the city has to offer.



And so much more! Check out the tags with ‘Australia‘ to read a few more ramblings about my second favourite county.

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